Mercedes Radio Code

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How to get A Mercedes Benz radio code?

Unlocking your Mercedes radio is a straightforward process. Start by locating the radio’s serial number, usually found in your vehicle’s manual or directly on the radio unit itself. Once you have the serial number, provide the necessary information. We will promptly generate your unique Mercedes radio code, granting you access to your radio and allowing you to enjoy your favorite stations. It’s a hassle-free way to regain control of your car’s audio system.

Mercedes Alpine AL2910 or AL2199 Radio Code

Mercedes Radio code

To discover the serial number of your Mercedes Audio 10 radio, you can typically perform these steps:

  1. Identify the radio unit in your Mercedes vehicle.

  2. Remove the radio from the dashboard to reach the back of the radio.

  3. Search for a white label on the back of the radio unit.

  4. On the white label, you will see the engraved serial number. It usually commences with either “AL” or “MF” and consists of 14 digits. For instance, it might be displayed as “AL 2910 Y 01 04000.

Blaupunkt Radio - Truck/VAN

Mercedes Blaupunkt Serial Number Truck/Van

For Blaupunkt units, locate the serial number on the label affixed to the side of the box. This unique identifier consistently starts with the letters BP, followed by 13 characters. This serial number serves as the sole requirement for unlocking the code for your Mercedes Truck radio.


Alpine Radio - MF2910

mercedes alpine radio serial number

To retrieve the radio code for your Mercedes equipped with an Alpine radio, locate the 14-character serial number engraved on the metal of the box. This unique identifier always commences with the letters AL, followed by 12 digits. Enter this serial number to obtain your radio code.

Mercedes Becker Stereo Decode

Mercedes radio code

After removing the radio from your Mercedes, you can find the radio’s information by looking at the sides of the unit or checking for a sticker. Here’s an example of what you might find:

Model number: BE 4176

Serial number: 51138970

The model number usually starts with “BE” followed by four digits, such as “BE 4176.” The serial number is typically an 8-digit number like “51138970.”

Anatel Radio - Citan

The Renault Anatel radio model for Citan comes with a 15-character serial number, consistently beginning with 2815. Simply input this serial number into the form at the top of the page to generate your radio code.

Panasonic Radio

Locate the serial number for your Panasonic radio beneath the barcode, although it may be found in other locations. This identification number invariably starts with the letters PA, followed by 12 digits. This serial number is the sole requirement for generating your Mercedes radio code.

What is a Mercedes Radio Code

A Mercedes radio code is a security feature designed to protect your car’s audio system from unauthorized use. It’s a distinctive alphanumeric code that must be entered to unlock your radio and activate its functions. This code is tailored to your Mercedes’ radio unit, ensuring that only authorized users can operate it. In situations involving power loss or radio removal, you’ll need to input this code to restore your radio’s functionality. Mercedes Radio Codes, such as those provided at, offer a secure and efficient solution to bring your audio system back to life.

Can I Get A Free Mercedes Radio Code?

Obtaining a free Mercedes radio code is challenging due to the proprietary nature of these codes and the complex technology involved. Manufacturers like Mercedes invest significant resources in developing secure systems, making it difficult to access codes without proper authorization. Offering free codes without authentication would compromise the integrity of the security measures implemented by car manufacturers.

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