Audi Radio Code

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What Is an Audi Radio Code

An Audi radio code is a security measure designed to protect your car’s audio system from unauthorized use. It’s a one-of-a-kind alphanumeric code that you must enter to unlock your radio and make it operational. This code is specific to your Audi’s radio unit, guaranteeing that only authorized users can utilize the device. In situations where there’s a power loss or if you’ve removed the radio, you’ll need to enter this code to reactivate your radio. Audi Radio Codes, like the ones we provide at, offer a secure and efficient solution to restore your audio system’s full functionality.

Audi Radio Label Example

Audi A1 Radio Code

The serial number, engraved on the radio unit or displayed on a sticker, is found after removing the Audi radio from your vehicle.

Audi radio serial numbers usually start with ‘AUZ,’ followed by 11 alphanumeric characters, totaling 14.

When entering the serial number, be cautious about distinguishing between a capitalized ‘I‘ (i) and ‘1‘ (one) to avoid errors during purchase or input.

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Audi Symphony

Audi Radio Code

To access the serial number of standard Audi Symphony radios, follow these steps:

First, remove the radio using the tools demonstrated in our VIDEO guide.

After removing the radio, locate the serial number either on the label or engraved on the side.

Make sure to note the serial number, which generally begins with ‘AUZ,’ and then proceed to generate your Audi radio CODE using it.

Here’s an example serial number: AUZ1Z4H7755256.


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Audi Concert

Audi A1 Stereo Decode

Like the Chorus radio, Concert radios must be removed to find the serial number. Watch the VIDEO attached for a removal guide.

Serial example: AUZ2Z3C1420538


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Audi Navigation

Audi A1 Navi Radio Code

To retrieve the serial number for Audi Navigation radios, simply follow these steps:

Firstly, turn on the radio; the serial number will be prominently displayed on the screen.

Next, take note of the serial number, which always begins with ‘AUZ‘ and notably features ‘7‘ as its 6th character.

Now, input all the radio’s details, including the serial number, into our highly efficient Audi radio code generator to obtain your personalized CODE.

For example, consider this serial: AUZBZ7H7145296.

By following these straightforward steps and utilizing the generated audi radio code, you’ll effortlessly unlock your Audi Navigation radio.

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Audi Chorus

Audi Radio Chorus

To access the serial number of non-navigation Audi radios, simply follow these steps:

  1. Remove the radio from the dashboard using radio release keys. Insert these keys into the designated corners to release the radio unit.

  2. After successfully removing the radio, locate the serial number either on a sticker label or engraved into the casing.

  3. Carefully note the serial number, which commonly begins with ‘AUZ,’ as this will be essential for generating your Audi radio CODE

Here’s an example serial number: AUZ1Z1F6412082.


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How to Get An Audi Radio Code

Obtaining your Audi radio code is a straightforward process. Start by locating your radio’s serial number, which can usually be found on a label inside the radio’s manual or on the radio unit itself. Once you have the serial number, and enter the required information, Our site will generate your unique radio code, which you can use to unlock your Audi’s radio and enjoy your favorite stations again. It’s a quick and convenient way to regain access to your car’s audio system.

Can I get my Audi radio code for free?

Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that Audi stereo codes cannot be provided free of charge. These codes are essential for unlocking and enjoying the full functionality of your Audi radio system.

We understand that this may be disappointing, but generating and providing these audi stereo codes requires specialized tools and resources. However, we offer a convenient and reliable service for obtaining your Audi radio code quickly and securely.

We provide a straightforward and hassle-free process to retrieve your code, allowing you to regain access to your radio’s features without any complications.

Thank you for choosing our service, and we look forward to assisting you in unlocking your Audi radio.