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How To Get Your Fiat Radio Code

Unlocking your Fiat radio code is a simple process. Retrieve the serial number by removing the radio, typically found above or below the barcode on the label. This calculation method applies to all Blaupunkt, Bosch, DAIICHI, and Continental radios. Consult the compatibility list for further details. Get ready to enjoy your Fiat’s audio system hassle-free by following these straightforward steps.

Removing Your Fiat Radio

Fiat Stereo Codes

To obtain the serial number of your standard Fiat radio, you’ll need to remove it from the dashboard. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Acquire Radio Release Keys: Start by obtaining a set of radio release keys (PC5-132), which are readily available from online retailers like Amazon for a nominal cost.

  2. Locate the Four Holes: Identify the four holes located in each corner of the radio unit.

  3. Insert the Radio Release Keys: Carefully insert the radio release keys into these holes, applying gentle pressure.

  4. Release the Radio: As you apply pressure, the radio will gradually start to release from the dashboard.

  5. Locate the Serial Number: Once the radio is detached, you can easily locate the label on the radio’s casing. The serial number, crucial for your Fiat radio code retrieval, is prominently displayed on this label.

By following these straightforward steps, you can effectively remove the Fiat radio and gain access to the serial number, a vital component for unlocking your Fiat radio code. This process ensures a seamless experience for Fiat owners.

Find Your Serial Number & Order The Fiat Radio Code

Fiat Radio Code by serial number

Depending on the model of your FIAT radio, the serial number can indeed vary significantly. Here, we provide some examples of FIAT radio serial numbers:

  1. BP237534082298
  2. A2C9915190300043272
  3. 815CM1234B1234567

These examples illustrate the diversity in FIAT radio serial numbers. Regardless of your specific serial number, our service is here to assist you in retrieving your FIAT radio code promptly and efficiently.

Obtain your Fiat radio code here

Fiat enter code
Fiat enter code tutorial radio

Celebrate obtaining your 4-digit activation code! Now, dive into the joy of reigniting your audio system. For most models, entering the four digits is all it takes. Avoid entering random codes, as some radios may lock up for 60 minutes after three unsuccessful attempts, during which they must remain ON.

Radio Models eligible for online unlocking
  • checked iconBlaupunktBP5385 7 5191621
  • checked iconBOSCH815CM0348C3203472
  • checked iconContinentalA2C9629940000006521
  • checked iconDAIICHIX2927
  • checked iconPhilipsQ268
  • checked iconVisteonM012570
  • checked iconVisteonAND005354
  • cancel iconDELPHI19250495770010
  • cancel iconGrundigFA681781027425
Fiat Radio Code Free

Unlocking your Fiat radio code is a secure process that ensures your car’s audio system remains exclusive to you. The complexity of generating a unique code for each Fiat model and the advanced technology involved in maintaining security make it impossible to offer this service for free. Our platform prioritizes the safety and efficiency of this process, providing you with a reliable solution to regain access to your Fiat radio without compromising security.



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