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How to get Ford Transit Van radio code

The security code for an original radio in a Transit Connect, Van, or similar model is derived from its serial number. Locate this identifier on the label affixed to the radio case, typically starting with V or M plus six digits. (V023412) To reveal the label, gently remove the stereo unit from the center console using removal keys.  Certain models, like the Transit 6000 CD, often display the identifier on the screen without requiring removal.

Ford Transit Radio Code 6000 CD

Ford Transit 2007 radio locked

The 6000 CD stands out as the predominant model in Ford Transit Connect and Van vehicles. This model is equipped with anti-theft protection, necessitating a 4-digit code for operation. If your radio prompts for a code unexpectedly, it’s likely due to a power disruption, such as disconnecting the battery or a blown fuse. Fortunately, unlocking the radio code for a 6000 CD is a straightforward process requiring only the V serial number

To find the serial number for your 6000 CD radio, follow these steps:

Method 1: Display on Screen Turn on the radio until “Code” appears. If it shows “Enter code,” proceed to Method 2. Press and hold buttons 1 and 6 for three seconds. The serial number, in the format V + 6 digits (e.g., V200290), will appear in the last ten seconds.

Method 2: Hold Buttons 1 and 6 If “Enter code” is displayed, ensure the stereo is powered on and press buttons 1 and 6. The serial number, comprised of the last seven characters (e.g., M078787), will be visible.

Method 3: Removing the Radio Unit If the above methods fail, extract the stereo unit using online-bought extraction keys or improvised tools. This may be the only way to access the serial number

4000 RDS / 1500 RDS / 5000 RDS

Ford radio 5000 RDS locked

In the older Ford Transit Van models, you’ll come across radios like the 5000 RDS, 4000 RDS, and 1500 RDS, all equipped with anti-theft protection, much like their newer counterparts. Fortunately, generating the 4-digit code for these audio units is a straightforward process. Locate the M series serial on the label affixed to the radio box, typically found by removing the radio from the center console. The serial number starts with M + 6 digits, positioned either above or below the barcode.

How To Enter Code Ford Transit 6000 CD

Activate your 6000 CD radio by turning it to ON and confirm the display shows “CODE” or “Enter Code.” If it indicates “WAIT,” leave the radio ON for 30 minutes. In case of “LOCKED,” press button 6 to attempt three more times. Press button 1 repeatedly to enter the first digit; for instance, press it twice for 2. Follow the same process with buttons 2, 3, and 4, then submit the Transit radio code by holding down button 5.

Ford Transit / 6000CD Radio Code Free

Generating Ford Transit radio codes involves complex algorithms and access to proprietary databases, requiring specialized tools and resources. These processes ensure the security and authenticity of the code retrieval, which comes at a cost. Additionally, continuous updates and maintenance are necessary to keep up with evolving security measures, making it impractical to offer such services for free. Investing in a reliable service guarantees a smooth and secure process, ensuring that your Ford Transit radio operates seamlessly without compromising security.


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